GAMBE Product Line

The tragedy of Morandi’s Bridge in Genova in August 2018 and several other events of recent years have been shown that ageing of structures, fundamental for today live such as bridges and viaducts, is an important cause that can lead to possible collapse of these structures. The occurrence of this event could lead to loss of life and economic social costs associated to loss of transport routes.

GNSS And Mobile data for BridgE monitoring (GAMBE) project aims to realize a system for bridges and viaducts monitoring using accelerometers and other sensors deployed in recent smartphones, geo-referenced by means of satellite navigation systems (GNSS). This innovative way of using the smartphones, on one side, will enlarge the number of structures under control and, on the other side, will reduce the monitoring costs, being not necessary the deployment any sensor on structures.

As described in the literature, it is possible to define the modal frequencies of the structures using a sufficient number of accelerometric data properly filtered against the non-relevant frequencies. Thus, the core of the system is a registered algorithm able:

  • to extract from acquired big data the modal frequencies of monitored structures;
  • to evaluate and discriminate modal frequencies changes;
  • to estimate structure health and alert status.

SSC business model is based on several products and services for the provision to Customers (motorway companies and public agencies) of analysis reports on a large set of structures of interest: bridges and viaducts, dams, historical buildings and monuments.